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ASHDRIFTSLayers of volcanic ash (samples shown in inset) blanket the Arctic seafloor 4,000 meters down. The ash is evidence of an explosive eruption, long thought impossible at those depths.


Under Ice 
Web edition
Expedition yields first evidence of explosive volcanism on Arctic seafloor

A two-week cruise on an icebreaker to the top of the world last summer gave scientists a look at the aftermath of an event once thought impossible: a violent volcanic eruption on the deep-sea floor.

In 1999, a global network of seismic instruments detected the largest swarm of earthquakes ever to occur along the planet’s system of mid-ocean ridges, where tectonic plates spread to form new ocean crust. Several aspects of the recorded vibrations suggested that the quakes were generated by volcanic activity, says Robert A. Reves-Sohn, a geophysicist at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts.

However, he notes, many scientists have doubted that explosive volcanism can take place at the 4,000-plus-meter depth where these quakes occurred because the immense pressure of overlying water prevents seawater from flashing into steam, a major driving force for such eruptions.

The source of the quakes was the Gakkel Ridge, a mid-ocean ridge that runs along the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. Sonar scans at a stretch of the ridge about 500 kilometers from the North Pole revealed several distinctive volcanic features, says Reves-Sohn. The largest of these undersea features, which usually have flat tops scarred with prominent central craters, are about 2 kilometers across and a few hundred meters tall.

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這是美國新聞週刊國際版July 7-14,2008的專題,內容引用Yale大學的年度調查,報導全球各國最佳與最差的環境紀錄。封面以四個國家作指標,最好的是瑞士,第二名為德國,美國第三,中國最後一名。這個調查表涵蓋了149個國家,瑞士第1名,德國第13名,日本21名,馬來西亞26名,美國名列39名,台灣名列第40名,南韓51名,中國第105名。(以下的圖檔點圖可以放大成原圖。圖檔掃瞄自NewsweeK 國際版July 7-14, 2008; Copyright: Newsweeks)



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Beijing Olympics

Limbering up for the games
Jun 19th 2008 | BEIJING
From The Economist print edition

The security forces rehearse their exercise routine

PETS, prostitutes and prospective political protesters should consider themselves forewarned. The Chinese authorities, doggedly determined to ensure a safe environment for the Beijing Olympics in August, and to avoid surprises or embarrassments, have them in their sights. 

No one dismisses the security concerns. With the ever-present threat of terrorism and a number of foreign leaders, among them George Bush, expected to attend the games' opening ceremony, China has no choice but to take security seriously. But the clampdown now under way suggests the government is just as concerned about preventing anything—from political demonstrations to unsightly beggars—that reflects poorly on it, however slightly. The risk is that heavy-handed precautions will take the fun out of what is supposed, after all, to be a sporting event.

Some new restrictions seem reasonable. For three months, for example, fireworks will be banned. Lorries entering Beijing have been coming under closer inspection. So has the mail. Police raids have been stepped up at night-spots, beauty salons and karaoke parlours, which often serve as fronts for prostitution. The press has reported that officials are especially worried about an influx of foreign prostitutes hoping to cash in on the Olympic boom, and that they have launched a campaign to prevent it. 

But other measures smack of overkill. Beggars and disabled people have been ordered, and in some cases forced, off the streets. Those from outside Beijing have been threatened with detention unless they go home until the games are over. In your correspondent's own neighbourhood, residents have been told they may walk their dogs only at certain, strictly limited, times of day—and the dogs must carry their papers at all times.

Documents are posing problems for people, too. In one especially damaging consequence of the crackdown, China has tightened visa procedures for foreign visitors of all sorts. Businessmen used to speedy visas are now suffering delays and refusals. Chambers of commerce from Europe, North America, Australia and India are complaining bitterly about trips aborted and business lost.

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May 2008的National Geographic,專題報導中國,內容正面負面皆有。其中也介紹了很多不同於漢族的其他民族文化,詳細描繪各族的分佈區域與比例。

China's expectation are rising, with no end in sight. What's next?

Fragile nature meets technological ambition
in the labor-roughened hands of a track worker. Li Yingde captured this snow finch while working on a new high-altitude section of China's 2,525-miles Beijing-to-Lhasa railway.



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2008年6月4日,Kevin Rudd的雪梨對Asian Society這組織的一場演講時,宣布要在2020年之前成立Asia-Pacific Union,在APEC所屬的21個會員中再加上印度。Kevin Rudd在宣布此項計畫時,也找來了當時主導APEC的領魂人物Richard Woolcott 擔任特使處理此事。1989年Richard Woolcott 擔任Hawke政府的特使奔走APEC,現在事隔將近20年後再度出馬。


圖說:APEC的推手Richard Woolcott於1967年與蔣介石總統會面。在Richard Woolcott的自傳裡,這張照片的說明是:「Meeting Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, April 1967. The Holt Government recognised Taiwan as the Government of China.

The Australian的特刊封面。

The Australian特刊的內頁。

Kevin Rudd演講全文

Full text of Kevin Rudd's speech to the Asia Society Australasia

June 05, 2008 (The Australian)

THE Government's mission is to build a strong and fair Australia capable of meeting the new challenges of the 21st century.

That means planning for our long-term future.

Planning to meet our long-term domestic challenges.

It also means planning to meet our long-term international challenges.

Australia must above all enhance our regional and global economic competitiveness if we are to secure our future.

Domestically we need to lift our productivity growth.

We need to have the best-trained, best-skilled work force in the world.

We will need world-class infrastructure, including high-speed broadband.

We are committed to policies that will lift work force participation rates – a critical need with an ageing population.

And we are committed to continuing population growth, underpinned by a continuing migration program.

We are committed to taxation reform and business deregulation. 


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  • May 23 Fri 2008 19:06
  • Obama

澳洲人也是很喜歡談Obama,幾年前相信很多人都認為民主黨總統參選人非Hillary Clinton莫屬,只是沒想到Obama一夕間人氣暴漲。

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插圖內文寫著:There must have been an earthquake at the Ministry for Media.

scanned from The Australian 2008-05-22

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As Tibetan protesters take to the streets in the biggest and most bloody challenge to Chinese rule in nearly 20 years, Dispatches reports on the hidden reality of life under Chinese occupation after spending three months undercover, deep inside the region. Dozens are feared dead after the recent clashes and crackdown by Chinese troops, but with reporting so rigidly controlled from the region little is known of living conditions inside Tibet. To make this film, Tibetan exile Tash Despa returns to the homeland he risked his life to escape 11 years ago, to carry out secret filming with award-winning, Bafta-nominated director Jezza Neumann (Dispatches Special: China's Stolen Children). Risking imprisonment and deportation, he uncovers evidence of the "cultural genocide" described by the Dalai Lama. He finds the nomadic way of life being forcefully wiped out as native Tibetans are stripped of their land and livestock and are being resettled in concrete camps. Tibet reveals the regime of terror which dominates daily life and makes freedom of expression impossible. Tash meets victims of arbitrary arrests, detention, torture and "disappearances" and uncovers evidence of enforced sterilisations on ethnic Tibetan women. He sees for himself the impact of the enormous military and police presence in the region, and the hunger and hardship being endured by many Tibetans, and hears warnings of the uprising taking place across the provinces now.

Quoted from http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7982410976871193492&hl=en

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《西藏青年》  盤古樂團(2008)
Released 2008-05-12

你的故鄉 你的信仰
你的祖國 你的同胞
為你的祖先 為你的尊嚴
為你的民族 為你的同胞

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Tony Iltis
19 April 2008

ACT police have been given enhanced stop-and-search powers for dealing with protests planned for the Canberra leg of the global Olympic torch relay on April 24. This comes as protests by the Tibetan diaspora and their supporters have turned the torch’s world tour into a public relations disaster for the Beijing Olympics.

In London and Paris, protesters attacked the flame with fire extinguishers and attempted to wrest it from the torch-bearers. In San Francisco, last-minute route changes meant that direct confrontation was avoided, but activists scaled the Golden Gate Bridge to display banners. 

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Will you still believe what China says?

The world's youngest political hostage



第十一世班禪喇嘛,原名Gedhun Choekyi Nyima,1989年出生,在1995年被認定是轉世的班禪後,同年,1995年就遭到中國政府綁架,1996年中國政府聲稱這是「保護」他,此後,沒人再見過這位被認定轉世的班禪喇嘛。

Gedhun Choekyi Nyima (b. April 25, 1989) is the eleventh Panchen Lama, according to most Tibetan Buddhists He was born in Lhari County, Tibet. The current Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, named him Panchen Lama on May 14, 1995. The government of the People's Republic of China then removed him from Tibet and installed Gyancain Norbu (Erdini Qoigyijabu) as its 11th Panchen Lama. 


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Stuart Munckton & Barry Healy
19 April 2008

A food crisis, caused largely by skyrocketing prices, has hit dozens of countries across the Third World, while an April 14 report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) argues that increasing production of “agrofuels” (the large-scale production of biofuels, using food crops to create fuels such as ethanol) further threatens the world’s poor with hunger.

An Asia-wide shortage of rice — the region’s staple food — has emerged in recent months. The Oryza rice industry website reports a World Bank estimate that around 33 countries face potential social unrest because of rising food and energy prices.

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盤古革命軍  為人民復仇




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